Saturday, September 3, 2016

Going Green ~ Wool Owl

I am working on a program featuring this little guy. 
Mr Owl here is my prototype and I just wanted to grab a couple of quick pictures. Didn't realize till I uploaded them that there was a bit of string on his eye. 

He still needs a bit of a trim to get to get loose fibers, this fabric did not felt as well as I like. And I decided to add a top layer to the beak to give it more dimension.

Thanks for stopping by. Come back to see more owls. p.s. the owl is actually covering an empty Starbucks bottle that will be filled with candy. He will make a fun gift or fall table place setting.

~ Huggs ~

Retro Felt Hats

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. These are some lovely felt hats with easy to follow instructions.

I particularly like the red and gold hats, they are on my to do list.

Heart Felt Friday

Lets make a lovely red heart pin with a cream rose on it. To create the pin cut a heart from cardboard. Use this as a pattern to cut a heart the same size from red felted wool, this will be the backing of the pin. The heart form cut from heavy card board will be the base of the pin. To create the front of the pin lay the cardboard heart on a piece of red wool and cut around the heart shape leaving about a half an inch all around. 

Make 2 nips in the fabric at the point of the heart almost a V shape but do not cut it out. You want to have fabric at the base of the V to cover the tip of the heart. Put a dot of hot glue on the tip of the cardboard heart and glue down the V of the fabric. Make another V cut at the top of the heart again don't cut it out. Pull your fabric taunt and glue down.

Make slits around the heart so that you have fabric tabs all around the heart. Alternate from one side to the other gluing down the tabs and pulling the fabric taunt as you go. After all the tabs are glued down use the first heart you cut to cover the back. This will hide all of the tabs and any cardboard that is still showing on the back. If the tabs overlap and are bulky you can trim off the excess. Just don't cut too close to the edge of the heart. Once this is all done glue the heart onto the back. Glue a pin back in place towards the top of the heart.

To make the rose, cut a circle from cream colored wool. Start from the outside and cut a spiral into the circle leaving a small circle in the center. To roll the rose hold onto the outside point of the spiral and roll the rest of the spiral around this until you get to the center circle. Let go of the point while still holding the rose together. Apply hot glue to the base of the spiraled rose and press the center circle over the glue. This will hold your rose together. 

Cut two leaves from green wool. Glue these to the back of the rose and attach it to the front of the heart. Glue a vintage pearl into the center of the rose for some extra romance. Your pin is now ready to wear or gift to a friend.

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