Thursday, December 31, 2015

Working on Craft Fair Display

Testing out how to display the new items I am creating. A 6 foot table is definitely not enough space. I only have a fraction of the items out. 

This Rip VanWinkle book is going to become a clock and 
I have several other books slated to become clocks as well.

The book journals and wall art are both in the suitcase. 
Once all of the book journals are done they will take up the whole case. 
Will have to find another place for the wall art.

I like having the cards on display in the card catalog drawers.

More flower arrangements in vintage  containers are under construction.

Need to make more vertical banners and find a way to display the pennant banners. Have just a few in a basket on the table.

Any thoughts on how to tweak the display?

Thanks for stoping by
See ya soon

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