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Life got busy: gift baskets, baby quilt and craft fair

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Original post was made Nov 14, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, life got busy. I was working on several projects in October. My Daughter volunteers for an animal shelter and they were having a trivia night and silent auction to raise money for the animals. So we were busy working on a couple of gift baskets to donated to the silent auction. Everything in the baskets was eco-friendly and repurposed. I have been felting sweaters to make crafts with and that got my daughter interested in doing a basket. We ended up with two baskets. One basket had a rosebud sachet, a scarf with felted flowers, a felted flower pin  and arm warmers to match. 

The second basket had a scarf with felted leaves (very fall looking), a felted flower pin, a couple of pillow sweaters, and book buddies.

You can click on any of the small images to see a larger picture.
These all had to be made and ready for the 22nd of October, and the day after on the 23rd was a baby shower for a friend of my daughter. We were also working on projects for that, one of which was a baby quilt. Tiff, cut and pieced the patchwork squares and I did the applique and assembled the quilt. It was fun to do and I think turned out adorable. The mother wanted to do the nursery in cute skellies and I think we succeeded in making a cute skelly blanket. I also ironed some cute skellies onto some onesies and made a matching bag and card.


Fun stuff! After that I had three weeks to get things ready for my first craft fair. A girl I work with also likes to make cards and paper crafts and wanted to try doing some craft fairs, so we had our first one set for Nov 13th. Needless to say I didn't get as much made for the fair as I would have liked. I made some of the book buddies, had a couple of the felted pins,  and rosebud sachets, and glass ornaments decorated with ribbon, lace and buttons. I also made some snowman soup and rudolph spares. I didn't get around to making any cards, paper ornaments or the paper trees that I wanted to do. I also had lavender and balsam to make more sachets and buckwheat hulls and eco-fleece for pillows that didn't get made. Our next fair is December 11th so will need to get busy working on these things. I work full time as well so my crafting time is limited.
Did I say I was also having plumbing issues and on top of that had to make an emergency trip to the vet on Friday before the fair and had to leave in the middle of the fair to retrieve my cat from the vet. Yep, it was a bite in the butt, literally. One of the other cats had bitten him and he developed an abscess on his tail right where it meets his back, it wasn't noticeable until it popped and I found blood all over the sheet he was sleeping on.  It was a pretty big wound and had to be flushed out and needed 5 stitches. So now he has to live in his own room with a cone on his head for 14 days. LOL he is now trying to groom himself as we speak and of course all he is licking is the inside of the cone, silly cat! But he is doing well, he got pain meds injected and a two week antibiotic injection so no pilling, yeah.
Still playing phone tag with the plumber so haven't solved those issues yet. So that is what has been going on in my life, how about yours, anything exciting?


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